Support To Discriminated Students

Welcome to the official website of the Amethyst Scholarship, a site dedicated to the struggle against discrimination against gay and lesbian students. The site promotes gay scholarships that help gay and lesbian individuals to have a chance in their studies.

Our Scholarships

Regional Scholarships

We cooperate with local organizations to provide local scholarships for LGBTQ students that have zero support from their family and the local community. They are the group that needs a little push to succeed.

Children Of LGBT Parents

Children of LGBTQ parents can struggle to enroll in prestigious and expensive colleges due to the discrimination that is widely spread. Our support helps them overcome the obstacles on their path to becoming students.

Graduate And Post-Graduate Students

Graduate and post-graduate LGBTQ students can end up finding no work due to their sexual orientation. Amethyst Scholarship gathers money to support those young people until they find work

Our Goals

The most important goal we set before our group is to increase the volume of help we provide to LGBTQ community. We know that it’s impossible to help every single individual, and that is why we are seeking cooperation with other organizations that share the same goal with us.

What Students Say About Our Scholarships


Janet Thomas

Janet Thomas

“I have to extend my thanks to Amethyst Scholarship and their friends for assisting me in my efforts to enroll at the Yale.”


William Ingram

“It’s only thanks to Amethyst Scholarship that I had enough money to find decent work that is relevant to my college degree.”

Marlene Sherman

Marlene Sherman

 “My partner and I had it tough with our child as we had no money to send them to the school which would be good enough for their talents. This organization helped us, and we are thankful for that.”

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