How to Find Great Scholarships

Finding money to help pay for college is stressful. However, there are several things that can be done to help in this process. There are websites to visit, organizations to contact, and resources to tap. Figuring out where to look, when to do it, and what kind of financial assistance is available is critical when looking for scholarships.
Most scholarships can be found on various websites. These websites include,, and These websites will scour the Internet for scholarships that are available to apply for. You can sometimes apply right through the website, or it will take you to an individual website to apply directly with the funding source. When you access one of the scholarship websites, it will usually list the scholarships in order of deadline date. You can also sort the scholarships using different criteria. This will narrow down your search. These websites can be invaluable when looking for scholarships.

Additionally, high school counselors and financial aid officers can help give information about potential sources of scholarships. They may have a list of scholarship opportunities and organizations that award scholarships. Counselors will be able to take into consideration your background, your family situation, and other factors to match you with scholarship openings. The financial aid officers will have information regarding scholarships relevant to your major and your interests, like sports or theater.

Many clubs and organizations you are involved in might have their own scholarship opportunities. You should pursue investigating any scholarship opportunities with these kinds of resources. You may have to go to their website, but you may also be able to contact them directly. It is always a good idea to search for scholarships with places you know and love, like church, community organizations, or clubs. You should make sure you look for scholarships in your local neighborhood and the neighborhood where you plan on attending school.

Another resource to consider is large corporations. These businesses are always looking for ways to give back to the community. Many times, they will offer awards to eligible students. There can be several reasons businesses give money to students. Sometimes they align themselves with the interests of the student. For instance, if company makes musical instruments and the student is interested in music, there might be an available scholarship.

Whatever route you take to look for scholarships, you need to make sure you do your research. Many times, there are deadlines for scholarships or there are stipulations (like you must be Native American) to awards. Doing your homework and researching can help lead you to multiple scholarships.