Scholarships For Gifted LGBTQ Students

Our organization is small in comparison with some established groups that support LGBTQ individuals for several years already. Those organizations have vast connection networks that assist them in aiding people in need. And every individual that is a friend of the LGBTQ community is eligible for some form of scholarship, as long as they need it.

Prominent organizations that help Scholarships-Gifted

We do anything we can to help as many LGBTQ students as possible, but that doesn’t mean we are the leaders of such activities. The majority of our work is related to cooperation with big groups and spreading the word about the work we do together.

Point Foundation is an organization that gathers money that is invested in students that come out as members of LGBTQ community. Every year this foundation gives up to thirty scholarships that are worth ten thousand dollars each. These are sent to students in the form of monthly payments. Every LGBTQ individual can apply for this scholarship and have it for four years, as long as their grades reflect their desire to learn and finish the college.

League Foundation awards LGBTQ individuals who are involved in ending the discrimination. They give out seven yearly awards for those that try to make their environment better for everyone. Those who believe that they deserve the reward must write two personal essays and also get two letters of recommendation to apply for that. A long list of projects that centered on the community is also something they will help them get the award.

Other prominent organizations that support LGBTQ community

LGBTQ-schoolarshipNOGLSTP aka National organization of gay and lesbian scientists and technical professionals offers two 5k dollars scholarships per year for LGBTQ students that express the desire to pursue technology, engineering, science, and math careers. The Recovery Village also offers resources on LGBTQ and addiction and has a scholarship too.

Those who wish to pursue journalism can contact The Association of LGBT journalists, Leroy F. Aaron. The association awards young and promising LGBTQ journalists through scholarships that will help them enroll the school that would benefit from their talents. They also give scholarships for young unemployed journalism graduates in the form of monetary assistance and connections that will land them a job.