Helping LGBTQ Students Who Receive No Support

Any individual that wants to succeed has to attend a college and hone their skills. Failure to do so leads to struggle, and a life full of obstacles that are hard to overcome. It is safe to say that those that come out as LGBTQ have many more constraints than straight people.

It’s sad to admit, but discrimination is still intense in many American states, and no laws protect LGBTQ individuals from being discriminated. Many colleges and schools will forsake members of LGBTQ community and offer their financial help for children of straight people due to the pressure from the, mostly, conservative community. This kind of discrimination is something that law can’t change, as people will still feel unnecessary hate toward gays, lesbians, and others.

Giving away what we couldn’t get in the past

StudentsMany students are still surprised by scholarships they receive from other similar organizations and us. Most of them are used to discrimination, and they know that struggles will never end. Older generations know how hard it was to go to a school or a college as an LGBTQ member. The majority of them hid their sexual orientation to avoid the wrath of extremely conservative members of the society.

Times change and thus laws appeared that protect LGBTQ members from prosecution by common masses. This doesn’t mean that there is no discrimination as it only means that people are doing it secretly. LGBTQ scholarships are just one of the tools that are useful in a battle against student discrimination.

Fighting the good fight

ScholarshipsAll scholarships for LGBTQ students come from non-profit organizations, just like we are. Founders of the majority of those groups are LGBTQ individuals who went through hell known as discrimination. All they want is for young people to go through their early life without the need to hide who they are.

No organization will give a scholarship to individuals that hide their sexual orientation due to fear of being discriminated. All of us want you to come out and say who you are. We are all doing this to create a world where you won’t feel any backlash for coming out.