LGBTQ Scholarships – Rewarding Those That Are Willing To Stand Up

Now, the majority of ordinary people think that LGBTQ organizations that award scholarships to gays, lesbians, and others do that just because they aren’t straight. That is a misconception that prevents people from seeing the truth. And the fact is that those scholarships go into the hands of individuals who aren’t afraid to come out and say who they are as well as help the community to accept LGBTQ members.

So, being gay, lesbian or other doesn’t qualify an individual for a scholarship. No, working hard in the community to eliminate the discrimination is what qualifies one for it.

An example of how to get a scholarship

Gay-studentThe best way to convey you the way one can apply for the award is to give you an example. This example involves a 19-year-old student from Denver who struggled throughout the school as he had to work hard to get accepted to a college. The biggest problem is that no college would consider the fact that an individual created a gay student alliance that helped gays and those around them. No, colleges are more interested in future sports stars and cheerleaders.

He received the Gill Foundation scholarship for his work in the creation of the Homo-sexual and Heterosexual alliance for Leadership Outreach. This was, for you might not know, the first gay-straight alliance in Denver. Gill Foundation awarded him with four thousand dollars per year to attend the University of Denver. The said student continues his activities at the college as the fight against discrimination doesn’t end with graduation from the school.

Reaching out to discriminated

LGBTQMany organizations, including us, will reach out and help people whose work benefits the LGBTQ community. Receivers of the scholarship don’t have to be gays, lesbians or others as the hand that reaches out to help has no race or sex.

We work with non-LGBTQ organizations to promote the world without discrimination. Any individual that can benefit this cause can contact us and join the fight. You don’t have to be a member of LGBTQ to do it. You only have to possess the will to turn this world toward something better.